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Altima's Protocol amidst COVID-19 Crisis: Health of our customers is our TOP priority!

Here at Altima Homes Inc., we continue to be proactive in all safety measures amid the Covid-19 outbreak.

Altima’s protocol for handling your renovation related inquiries:

  1. We will handle all your inquiries over the phone
  2. We are also available for virtual appointments via Zoom, Google Meet, FaceTime & WhatsApp.
  3. For providing you with the estimates, we will virtually provide job specific guidelines for you to take measurements.
  4. We will provide you with a sketch based on the dimensions provided by you.
  5. On approval of the sketch by you, a price estimate will be provided.

Altima’s protocol for selection of material at our Showroom and Factory:

  1. Only members from the same family are allowed to enter at once.
  2. Prior appointments will be the preferred protocol.
  3. Customers arriving without prior appointments will need to wait inside their cars and call us to notify about their arrival. Customers will need to wait for existing customers to leave and/or for our team to prep up before they walk in. We will call you once we are ready to welcome you.
  4. We request our customers to not to touch any handles or knobs throughout their visit. We will open the doors for you.
  5. Upon entering the premises, all customers will be required to sanitize their hands using the sanitizer provided by us.
  6. If not already wearing one, customers will be required to wear a disposable mask which will be provided by us.
  7. Touching any samples and/or materials will be strictly prohibited. Customers are requested to ask for assistance for viewing any samples.
  8. Lastly, all customers are required to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from one another and from Altima’s employees.

Altima’s protocol for execution at your location:

  1. Altima will ensure that the teams arriving at your location exercise complete safety protocol with regards to wearing the required equipment.
  2. It is required that no person from the family or otherwise come closer than 6 feet to our work staff.
  3. For basement renovations, we request the family members to not to go downstairs at any time the staff is working. Once the staff leaves, we request the family members to not to touch any surfaces or materials.
  4. Our staff will open windows around the areas they work.
  5. For renovations in any other parts of the house other than basement, we request family members to stay outside of the house or in the basement for the duration of the work throughout the day.
  6. If arrangements to stay outside of the house or in the basement cannot be made, we request customers to accommodate themselves in one part of the house (one room for example) for the duration of the work throughout the day.
  7. Our staff will sanitize/disinfect all used spaces, surfaces and areas before they leave for the day.
  8. If you need to use your kitchen or washroom in the absence of our work staff, please ensure to disinfect the areas and sanitize all surfaces properly to prep up for the next work session of our staff.

We trust that together, if we all make efforts, we can maintain an environment safe for everyone to work and live.

Should you have any concerns or questions, as always feel free to email    

Our sincere thanks for your continued patience and supporting one another as we go through this exceedingly difficult time. We will get through it.


Ashok Sahi